Elemental Earth Earwrap/Earcuff Set

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Product Description

This One-Of-A-Kind Earwrap/Earcuff set is a gorgeous, glittering Earth-themed way to dress up a costume or special occasion - or just to have fun! Since it requires no piercings at all, ANYONE can wear them!

The images are large and very detailed so don't forget to view them in full view!

This pair is a part of a larger series, where I have created a wrap/cuff for each of the four Cardinal Elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air), and as mentioned, One-of-a-Kind - I can make them again in the same colors and a similar design, but I will never be able to (or want to!) reproduce any of them.

The wrap is worn by simply setting it over the ear. The cuff is worn by sliding it down from the top of the ear and gently turning it so it will settle on the ear - it is not a pinch-type, and can be adjusted by GENTLY spreading or closing the cuff with the fingertips. Since these are wire, rough handling will warp them.

To clean - gently wash with non-abrasive soap and water, pat dry, then air dry. Again, rough handling will warp and cause them to lose their shape.

Entirely hand-crafted with Silver-Plated wire/chain and Swarovski Crystal (4mm/6mm bicones in colors: Black Diamond, Jet(Black), Light Colorado Topaz, Smoked Topaz, Mocca, and Indian Red), these ear-enhancements will call a lot of attention; the photos speak for themselves!

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** CPSIA Warning: My jewelry contains Swarovski Crystal beads and components. As such, as stated in my shop policies, they are meant for adults, and not for children under the age of 12. Please be aware of this when you purchase my work as gifts for the younger crowd.

Elemental Earth Earwrap/Earcuff Set

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