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I started making jewelry in high school with glass seed beads, string and wire. Now I work with various types of silver and silver plated wire, natural pearls, natural stone and Swarovski crystal beads and accents to create my work.

I am very flexible in working with my customers and seeing that they are happy with my work. Color, style, payment and shipping special requests are all handled on a case-by-case basis, so please do not hesitate to ask questions!

Shipping details

I ship by USPS (usually Priority), typically with delivery confirmation, and ship every Friday, unless I notify otherwise (holidays, vacations, etc.). Orders placed on a Friday will be shipped out the following Friday (or earlier). If you have other needs (are unable receive USPS mail or need an item rushed before a Friday, or want to ask about gift wrap/shipping), please contact me to work something out!

I welcome international buyers!

A note about my shipping costs: "Shipping" should really be "Shipping and Handling". To keep the prices on my work uniform, I bundle in all of the "handling" costs (packaging, associated fees, postage, gas mileage, etc.) with "Shipping".

NOTE: For those paying by check or money order, I will not ship an item until the money order is cashed. This may cause a delay in shipping since I ship on Fridays. If you need an item quickly and are paying by money order, please contact me so we may work out how to handle your rushed order!

Refunds, returns & exchanges

I accept PayPal, check and money order currently, as they are the most secure. Payments should be made within 7 days of purchase, or I will start nagging ;) If no payment has been made, and no contact to explain late payment (Real Life happens, accidents happen, and I do know I have forgotten I've won auctions or made purchases on occasion!), and no response to my gentle nag has been received within 14 days of purchase, the sale will be cancelled.
If a purchase is made on a special-order item or custom request, and no payment has been received in 14 days, the item will lose its reservation status, and be available for general purchase.

Note: If you cannot pay by money order or PayPal, please contact me, and we will see about working something out.

Refunds, returns and exchanges will be handled on a case by case basis; my work is unique (even though it may be a "stock" item, since it is all hand-crafted, each piece is unique). I am easy to work with, and I have had things arrive to me damaged, and have had things not arrive at all.

Damaged items must be returned for exchange or refund.

Most things I send out are with delivery confirmation, and I follow up with my customers to be sure their item arrives safely.

Additional information

My jewelry is intended for adults, not children under the age of 13. The designs may be more delicate than they appear and while sturdy enough for typical wear, this jewelry is not meant for rough handling.

CPSIA Warning:
My jewelry contains Swarovski Crystal beads and components. Crystal does contain Lead, which is dangerous if ingested. To prevent the danger of accidental ingestion or choking, my jewelry should be kept out of the hands of children and infants.
Smaller pieces may hold a choking hazard.
Seller assumes all responsibility.
I will not be held responsible for negligence.

I'm a nice person by default. If you are willing to work with me, I am willing to work with you in most cases. If you are not nice to me, I may reserve the right to not be as nice to you.

That said, if you have questions, ask me! If you have custom work you'd like to see if I can do, ask me! If you want a different color combination, or want to know if I carry (or can get) a particular color crystal, ask me!

An interactive FAQ can be found here:

Hand crafted Swarovski Crystal Jewelry, Accessories and more!

Here you will find hand crafted Swarovski crystal and silver jewelry and more!

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? I welcome custom requests and special orders!

Gift Wrap and Gift Shipping also available at NO extra cost! Just contact me to work it out.

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