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Though I am an avid gamer and my mother's caretaker, and am usually found cooking, cleaning, or playing World of Warcraft (among others), I always have time to make jewelry and dream catchers.

It all started when I picked up a seed-bead anklet at the mall when I was about 15. I paid $15 for it. The first time I wore it, it broke. When I looked at how it was constructed, it was immediately clear why. Mom drove me to the local craft store, where I picked up beads of the same size, some stringing wire, and some clasps, and remade the anklet. .... I STILL, 15 years later, occasionally wear that anklet.

I made seed-bead pieces for a time, my most popular being a peace-sign design for earrings, though I have not made them for quite some time now. They were gifts to friends, or sold to people I knew at cost of materials. I thought nothing of it. When I was 18, I found myself with a LOT of pieces; anklets, necklaces, bracelets, seed beaded, some with semiprecious stone chips in them, some plain. I took them to the local craft fair...
... and sold one item over a 10 hour day.

But I didn't want to give up. I tried loom items. I began to use semiprecious stones prominently. The next craft fair was more successful. And then I discovered... eye pins and how to shape them. The next craft fair I had to leave early; I was out of stuff!

I went dormant until 2005, where I took my jewelry to an anime convention. Anything I made with crystal sold, but not so much on the semiprecious stones. The next convention I had nothing but crystal work, and I did well, and have done decently at almost ever con I attend to sell. I have since upgraded to sterling silver wire instead of plated materials, so I create two lines; one of "costume" jewelry, made with silver plated wire, made for wear on occasion, or jewelry meant to be worn often, that the silver plating won't wear off of - because there is no plating! Instead of a single design for each piece, I now have several, some wrapped, some a little fancier, some just simple, clean work for everyday wear that will offer just the right glint for attention.

Dream Catchers caught my eye when I purchased one at the local renaissance faire. It was tiny, but I wanted to learn to make them. Now I make them for gifts to friends, often including a semi-precious Pendulum chain to hang in the web. Each one is unique, which I pride myself on.

As often as I can, I tailor the Pendulum and webbing to the personality or request of who it is intended for. Wire hoops, genuine dyed leather (suede), various natural feathers, waxed sinew (artificial), occasionally silver wire, and semiprecious and bone beads make up these. I use NO GLUE.

My technique has only improved over the years, so my webs are tighter and more resilient than when I started. It has only been recently that I've considered offering these for sale.

Hand crafted Swarovski Crystal Jewelry, Accessories and more!

Here you will find hand crafted Swarovski crystal and silver jewelry and more!

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? I welcome custom requests and special orders!

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