Item collection 1467207 original

Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers - Aquamarine Butterfly


Item collection 1509046 original

Swarovski Crystal Earrings - Red Drop Cascade


Item collection 1509055 original

Swarovski Emerald Chandeliers


Item collection 1509075 original

Deep Ocean Dizzy Drop Earrings


Item collection 1509078 original

Raspberry Swirl Dizzy Drop Earrings


Item collection 1966021 original

Elemental Earth Earwrap/Earcuff Set


Item collection 1966042 original

Elemental Air Earwrap/Earcuff Set


Item collection 1467201 original

Shades of Violet Dizzy Drop Earrings


Item collection 3302279 original

Made-to-Order Wire Heart with Swarovski Crystal Heart Accent Earrings


Hand crafted Swarovski Crystal Jewelry, Accessories and more!

Here you will find hand crafted Swarovski crystal and silver jewelry and more!

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